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Dutch Translation

Sadowskin , October 01 2008

While I was waiting for bowo's dutch translation, I made my own :D

I translated all 3 language files. I used ‘{n} comments…>>’ instead of ‘Read {n} comments...>’ for the translation
and put a div around it with .chronocommentslink class for styling.

With the danger of sounding like a poindexter;
Some –absolutely forgivable- typo’s in English language files:

Administrator translation en-GB
FRONTEND MODERATION PERMISSIONS DESC=Different moderation permissions for the frontend
[i][not ‘Diefferent’ moderation][/i]

Latest Comments Module en-GB
[i][not ‘Oder’][/i]

Lost in Translation: (more than this, you know there’s nothing ;-))

Administrator Backend
- COMMENTS_MANAGER in the backend just says COMMENTS_MANAGER as a title, not the translation
- tick.png and publish_x.png alt image text in backend is not translated (is the same as ‘verified / unverified and ‘unpublished / published’ translation)

COMMENTS (title of the component in frontend) is not Translated

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Thanks for the translations and the typos, I think bowo is waiting because I told him that V1.2 is almost done, I think he can easily edit yours now! ;)

thanks All!

Best regards


If your main question got answered then please mark the answer using the button!


updated translation files to v1.2 :)

Again, I used ‘{n} comments…>>’ instead of ‘Read {n} comments...>’ for the translation,

Didn't use a div.chronocommentslink to wrap the link this time.

Cheers and Max,
thx for this great component once again !!

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