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PHP in Where Section

broberts , September 14 2008, 16:24
broberts 24
September 14 2008, 16:24 #13349
Near as I can figure out, one cannot insert PHP in the WHERE section. Is there someplace else I can insert code that would check and massage passed in values, possibly dynamically generate the WHERE?
admin 28
September 14 2008, 17:50 #13354
Hi broberts,

Sure you can any PHP in the WHERE section, I have just built a very advanced view with the WHERE section constructed of at least 20 code lines of SQL and PHP

let me know how you are trying to do it.


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broberts 24
September 15 2008, 04:52 #13384
Sorry about that. I went back to what I was trying to do and got it going - an issue with quoting in the incoming parameters