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Parameterized query ?

bhallash , August 26 2008, 06:26
bhallash 5
August 26 2008, 06:26 #12116

I am new to chronoforms , and want to know that how can i apply parametrized query in chronoform . I want the one form should take input e.g : details of students and rollno be a primary key and save data in a database and another form should show user list of rollnos coming from same database in a listbox e.g rollno of student from databse , choosing on particular rollno , it should show details for that rollno which i saved using input form .
Can anybody help me in that ?
admin 28
August 26 2008, 08:37 #12118

Do you have a form designed ? design your form then create a table and connect to this table using Chronoforms so it can save data into that table!

later use ChronoConnectivity and connect to the same table and read the tutorial on how to set it up so that you have a list of your data shown the look you like!


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