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Calendar field popup does not work after reloading a form via ajax

webbusteruk , October 11 2020, 18:56
webbusteruk 158
October 11 2020, 18:56 #394302
When a form is loaded via ajax (eg "replace:#form" on a task button's Dynamic result), the calendar field popup is not loaded.
How do we re-initialise the calendar popup?
admin 30
October 27 2020, 01:04 #394546
What about a static content ? does the calendar work inside a popup for you ?
I have just tried a calendar inside a popup (static) on a v7 form and it worked, also the latest v7 has a Connectivity App mode which you can try for your new lists!
webbusteruk 158
October 27 2020, 17:04 #394582
It works on static content. It doesn't load after reloading a form via ajax.
We have tried CFv7 but unfortunately it isn't as powerful as CCv6 and much harder to use as we're used to the CC layout. Is there any plan to continue development on CCv6 or even CCv7?
We are using CC to read, retrieve, filter, and update multiple database via a single CC connection. It seems too complicated to manage using CF layout.
admin 30
October 28 2020, 14:44 #394600
the latest CF7 has a Connectivity app mode which works just just like CC6, did you check that ?
webbusteruk 158
November 12 2020, 22:17 #394820
Found the solution.

You have to load "calendar.min.js" and "moment.min.js" scripts (in assets folder) after loading the form via ajax. Works perfectly now.