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Mollie action for payment at V7.0.4 not complete coded

pb539 , October 03 2020, 14:35
admin 30
October 29 2020, 23:24 #394633
return $payment_object->metadata;
what do you get ?
pb539 23
October 31 2020, 12:41 #394662
Hi Max,
i am a view steps furter now.
It is not possible to send the email direct from the "complete"section off the listener.
It works if you move it below the PHP part. (see pic.)
The result is comming from mollie and that is for me more than enough for now.
I trigger the order_id to send a confirmation pdf to the customer.
Below the picture off my setup and the used php code for it.
$payment_object = $this->get('mollie_listener_43'); // Mollie listener name / uid
$order_id = $payment_object->metadata->order_id;
return $order_id;
// {var:php66} (chronoforms order id)
// {data:id} (mollie order id tr_*)
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admin 30
October 31 2020, 22:03 #394666
try to add multiple emails in the different areas, complete and others, do you get any of them ?
Because that's the correct way to get it done!
You may also send me on PM the login info to your site and the Mollie test key and I will test this myself.
pb539 23
October 31 2020, 22:18 #394669
I will create a account for you to test.
It's possible to send emails out off every part of the listener. But the email won't include the order_ id {var:php66} or the {data:id} if you create a email action outside the listener it will include the orde_id. I wil send you the details in a PM.
pb539 23
November 02 2020, 19:53 #394689
Hi Max,
I have send you the details to login.
You can test whit the test account.
regards Patrick
pb539 23
November 24 2020, 19:29 #395026
Hi All,
Question is dropped by Mollie support for assisting for a solution for my latest problem whit the listener.
If i have a reply and it works i will share the solution here. I hope that i get a quick answer from Mollie and in the mean time i am trying to get it working.
I have it working at the moment for my purpose, but not whit the listener.
I hope that there will be a good solution on short therm.
Regards Patrick
admin 30
November 25 2020, 02:54 #395032
Thank you!
Actually I'm not sure the problem is with the test api only or with both the live and test, so if you can do a couple of live tests for $1 or something then you can find out!
GreyHead 64
November 27 2020, 10:21 #395042
If I remember correctly in my CFv4/5 Mollie action I had to save the form data to the database before sending data to Mollie that included a record id that Mollie would return. The on return I re-loaded the data from the table to use in emails etc.
ChronoForms technical support
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
admin 30
November 27 2020, 14:34 #395054
Hi Bob,
That's a good solution, but the main issue is that it seems that Mollie does not trigger the listener url in test mode