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Get repeater area to save data correctly

tempus , June 29 2020, 21:38
tempus 85
June 29 2020, 21:38 #393270
I have configured repeater area in my form to multiply fields and save them to the db.
Somehow Save Data action inside Loop Event saves the whole repeater area data into one line in the table. 3 days struggling and trying every advice from forum and FAQ. Please show where I did a mistake.
healyhatman 9
June 30 2020, 05:30 #393271
Turn off auto manage table and auto save fields.
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tempus 85
June 30 2020, 05:36 #393272
Linajes 12
August 26 2020, 19:59 #393722
Hi!. I need your help!
How do you get the name of the model "Files"?. I have the "repeater area", the "loop event" and within it the "save data" but I don't know what the "data provider" of the "loop event" is.
tempus 85
August 27 2020, 06:33 #393723
Model name "Files" placed in "repeater area". Loop event takes data of the model "Files" and run thru it saving each record
Linajes 12
August 29 2020, 20:29 #393737
Thanks to your post and your answer I managed to solve my problem. It was perfect !. You're the best. Greetings from Argentina!. Thank you very much!.