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Chronoforms6 not display forms on Wordpress

brendonm , February 28 2020, 10:53
brendonm 5
February 28 2020, 10:53 #391410
Hi there,
I am new to Wordpress (but have good experience with Joomla and Chronoforms).
I have installed Chronoforms 6 on a WordPress site, created a form which I can submit and get the data posting to a database and appears to be functioning OK in debug mode - I can see I am handling data. However, I can't actually view anything on the front end i.e. via calling the form up in a string, by using a short code in a page. Nothing renders.
My environment is:
WordPress: Version 5.3.2
Chronoforms6: Version 6.1.4
Chronoforms6 is in it's first day of it's 10-day 1 time trial, however I do have a valid key which I have a spare licence for - I just haven't entered it yet because first I want to make sure it works on WordPress properly (my previous licence installs are all functioning well on Joomla CMS instances). In theory it should work.
I've actually created 2 forms:
- 1 is a demo basic contact form called 'basic form'

- the other is a more complex form with more fields called 'mahuru-maori-registration'

When I browse to either or neither form shows.
I've trying adding shortcakes like [Chronoforms6 chronoform=”mahuru-maori-registration”] into a page however when I view the page at

I get an error which says

  • Error, form does not exist or is not published.

The form is all published.
I can submit the form in the administration area under previous and everything appears to be rendering ok and functioning.
Any assistance or advice would be gratefully appreciated. I really want to use Chronoforms as I'm familiar with it (albeit in Joomla) and the site is actually an install for my work where we promote the use of our indigenous language. This form is a registration tool for the revitalisation of our language so I dearly want to solve this technical issue.
admin 28
March 12 2020, 03:29 #391605
Hi Brendon,
This is a known issue with the some of the latest WP installations but unfortunately a solution will not be available before the next update of Chronoforms6 is ready!
Best regards
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brendonm 5
March 12 2020, 04:10 #391606
Hi Max,
thank you so much for your reply. I am aiming to go live in May so I have a bit of time up my sleeve. I really appreciate your coming back to me as I've been spending a lot of time trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong.

Is Chronoforms5 working OK in up to date versions as far as you know? if so then I could always uninstall version 6, go back to 5 and try build my function in there and use that if it works. Is it possible to uninstall a version and go back to a previous one?