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CCv6 and CF6 form with Dynamic dropdown&field reload for submission edit

Elitakey , February 26 2020, 09:06
Elitakey 269
February 26 2020, 09:06 #391383
Hello to all CF&CC guru,
struggling with getting to work in CCv6 CF6 form for submission edit
I have a CF6 form with Dynamic dropdown that reloads other Dynamic dropdown.

in CCv6:
1) defined Form view tha call Form with {chronoform/section:licences-labot/load};
Tried to call CF6 Actions on Form load view - did not suceed;
then I tried to recreate same events in CCv6 -
what have i done so far:
1) left everything as it is on CF6 form EXCEPT deleted all the Actions related to Dynamic dropdown;
2) created Read data functions (in CCV6):
  1. read_data_veids for FIRST dropdown {veids} (Return an array of key/value pairs, two fields must be provided.)
  2. read_data25 for OTHER dropdown {katLAT} with WHERE condition veids = {data:veids} as it was in CF6 and ; (Return an array of key/value pairs, two fields must be provided.)
3) created Events (in CCv6):
  1. load_veids with function call {fn:read_data_veids} ;
  2. lod_katLAT;
  3. And, yes, both fields loads data from the record too - (selected values are {var:read_submission.Submission.veids})
load_veids - working;
load_katLAT - does not work- it stays in reload mode (circle spinning)
dropdown field reloadurl point at right event:
<select data-reloadurl="index.php?option=com_chronoconnectivity6&amp;cont=manager&amp;conn=licences-labot&amp;event=load_katLAT&amp;tvout=view" name="katLAT" id="katLAT" data-mincharacters="0" type="select"><option value=""></option></select>
Event load_katLAT is as follows:
Could you please, describe the steps to do in this case and how to alter CF6 form so it works with CCv6? Thanks!
admin 29
March 01 2020, 02:07 #391434
Hi Elita,
I recommend that you load another event/page but not call a different form using the "chronoform" tag, please try that and let me know!
Best regards
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Did you try the new ChronoForms7 ? if yes then please send us your comments!!
Elitakey 269
March 18 2020, 21:26 #391672
Hi, Max, sorry for the late answer - Im back on this problem again.
Sorry, I did not get your point
I have created following Events:
1) event "edit" in which:
{fn:read_data_veids} - reads data for the first dropdown;
{view:submission_form} - loads CF6 Form with dropdown values; Form data provider is {var:read_submission} - another data read for field values.
2) event "load_katLAT" with
{fn:read_data_katLAT}- reads data for the second dropdown;
3) Form field "veids" has Events onChange Reload "katLAT";
Form field "katLAT" has Reload event "load_katLAT"
what am i doing wrong?
Thank you in advance-
Elitakey 269
March 19 2020, 19:11 #391691
Max, I resolved this problem by following this thread -
many thanks to *healyhatman*!
STILL have one minor issue though -
Dynamic dropdown does not show DB_read data value.
has anybody resolved/experienced this?
admin 29
April 12 2020, 02:32 #391975
Hi Elita,
Could you please tell me how your project supposed to work ? I mean the features you was building in this complex CC6/CF6 project
Best regards
If your main question got answered then please mark the answer using the button!
Did you try the new ChronoForms7 ? if yes then please send us your comments!!
Elitakey 269
April 12 2020, 07:04 #391977
Of course, Max, here it goes:
I have a CF6 form on webpage where sportists register their information for licence;
The form contains Categories and Subcategories that loads dynamically; There are 11 Categories with 20+ subcategories on each category; Simple Event solution might work, however I am a lazy enough to have Dynamic dropdown instead.
So, I have got CF6 form on the webpage that among the other things contains following:
1) 1st Dropdown that dynamically loads Categories;
2) 2nd Dropdown that dynamically loads appropriate Subcategory + other data.
So far so good. Everything is working.
After the data is submitted, that sometimes needs to be corrected -
So, I have created CCv6 table that loads the CF6 form for data editing.
Here that all the mess starts:
1) For data Edit I created the copy of the CF6 form that loads wit the CCv6 Event;
2) NONE of the Actions in CF6 was working when loading that Form with that CCv6 Event.
Then I found the thread mentioned above and got at least Dynamic dropdown working as it was on original CF6 form by recreating Events in CCv6;
Unfortunately, with these settings DB read action for those dropdowns DONT WORK - it simply does not load the data.
So I created workaround - pretty annoying - for Dynamic dropdown data editing I created separate form that loads data from DB in the Text field and does not save back in DB AND Dynamic Dropdown with what one can enter new data and save it in DB.
If you want to look closer at all of this I could give you the acess to my development server.
healyhatman 9
April 12 2020, 10:03 #391981
If you're loading parts of a CF form inside a CC connection, then you've probably used just the form's event name as the reload action and whatnot. Try instead setting it to the full url, like
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Elitakey 269
April 12 2020, 13:01 #391983
I already did that, thanks *healyhatman* to your comments in the thread mentioned above. It works.
However I cannot get the DB_read value in that dropdown.
Max commented this topic earlier today - hope he is willing to upgrade the CCv6 for this