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How do I get the data from a Repeater Area into a PDF File?

U Can Drive , February 22 2020, 12:38
U Can Drive 132
February 22 2020, 12:38 #391337
The data is pre-loaded into form to display a clubs upcoming events.
I'm using a "Submit" button to proceed to the next page to produce a PDF document for printing.
I then have a "Loop" function (not loop event) with the following:
Name: EventPDF
Data Provider: {data:Dates} - Taken from the Repeater Area's "Model"
Loop Body: {var:EventPDF.row.Date} - {var:EventPDF.row.Event}<br><br>
Then in the TCPDF Function I simply have:
Content: {var:EventPDF}
This is the resulting PDF layout:
[{"Date":"2020-02-23"}] - [{"Event":"ISKA - In Search of Talent"}]
{"1":{"Date":"2020-03-28"}} - {"1":{"Event":"XFC - Kickin' Ass and Making Names"}}
{"2":{"Date":"2020-03-29"}} - {"2":{"Event":"BJMA Qld - Grading"}}
{"3":{"Date":"2020-05-30"}} - {"3":{"Event":"WKA - Australia Fight Show"}}
{"4":{"Date":"2020-08-01"}} - {"4":{"Event":"BJMA QLD Central 50th Anniversary
Obviously not what I'm after really. Can you please help to swap the date around and get rid of the extras. I basically want:
23/02/2020 - ISKA - In Search of Talent
28/03/2020 - BJMA Qld - Grading
Thanks in advance