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How to start - show fields from database

rslyra , February 11 2020, 10:26
rslyra 110
February 11 2020, 10:26 #391136
I am a old user of Chrono 4. Use it a long time ago and now, with a new project, decide to go to Chrono 6. But things are not going well.
1 - Documentation - I tried the Demo Forms, didn't find any one that show how to load data. I found one amnual, but it is too diferent than the version I instaled.

2 - the blocks on the top, Settings/Pages/Translate on my form and Settings/Design/Setup/Translate on Demo 4. How I managed that? Is there any documentation?

Thanks for all.
healyhatman 9
February 11 2020, 22:02 #391147
There's literally a demo form called Database read and save
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