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Is it possible to let users enter their non-availability in the sign-up form calendar?

Chronowes , January 19 2020, 14:42
Chronowes 6
January 19 2020, 14:42 #390792
I would like to create a form where users during sign-up can mark their non-available times during the week, like shown in the attached image.
Is this possible with chronoforms?
The actual date (e.g. january 20th 2020) is not of importance,
The goal is that users can inform me about not being available,
in example:, the user marks he is not available on mondays between 13-18hrs, not on fridays from 9-12hrs and not on saturdays
It would be great if that is somehow possible with the calendar in chronoforms?
Thanks and regards,
healyhatman 9
January 20 2020, 02:04 #390796
No, not with the items that are available in CF. You would have to create the fields, logic, and JS yourself.
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Chronowes 6
January 20 2020, 07:49 #390804
Thank you for your reply. It is a pity that this isn't possible out of the box. My coding skills are too limited to create this myself unfortunately.