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Unpublish row, possible?

Alistair , January 18 2020, 09:36
Alistair 114
January 18 2020, 09:36 #390771
Hi, I wanted to temporarily unpublish a row on the form, but I see only the delete option, that would mean I'd have to rewrite it again, so I wondered if there's an option to unpublish/hide a row without deleting it. Thanks in any case.
GreyHead 64
January 18 2020, 09:52 #390773
Hi Alistair,
A couple of ways to do this:
+ the simplest is to make a copy of the form - rename the copy to be different, then delete the row from the version you are using. When you want to switch back, rename them both again.
+ use CSS to hide the row - you might also need to disable the element and/or adjust the validation settings.
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healyhatman 9
January 18 2020, 23:52 #390789
The SIMPLEST is to temporarily put it inside a switcher area, with an unreachable branch. Or set it to disabled, or hidden.
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Alistair 114
January 20 2020, 07:30 #390803
Or set it to disabled, or hidden.
Where are these options available?