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Keep Read Data array through Multi Page pages

matteonono , January 17 2020, 10:51
matteonono 4
January 17 2020, 10:51 #390756
Good morning, it seems to me that it would be easy to solve this problems, but I can't find a solution in the forum:
1) I put a Read Data function in the load event of the Multi Page demo form, then I put a debugger (still in the load event) and it works: the debugger correctly shows the array containing the DB table row.
But if I look at the results of the debugger function in the submit event I can't find the array with my DB table row. How can I pass the array thorugh the events of the Multi Page?
2) As a workaraound I tried to use a PHP function to put the values of the fields from my row, to hidden fields that I created at the purpose, but it seems like I can't find the correct code to access the fields value in PHP. I also tried to put a string in the hidden field, instead of the field ($this->data['hidden_field']='text';) and it works. I miss the correct code to access the fields from my array
Can you help me?
GreyHead 64
January 18 2020, 10:01 #390777
Hi matteonono,
It's not clear to me what you actually need to do here.
You could do the Read Data in the submit event, that's the simplest solution; or you could add the data to the User Session and read it back in the submit event.
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