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Physical Signature Pads

arhsnc , January 13 2020, 18:25
arhsnc 1
January 13 2020, 18:25 #390704
Hey All,
I was wondering if anyone had any experience in getting a physical signature pad, such as a Topaz or ePadII working with the signature field in Chronoforms. We use the signature field on our intranet, and can sign with the mouse, but it's not convenient/easy. Just plugging in a physical signature pad, I have had no luck.
healyhatman 8
January 14 2020, 02:30 #390711
Unless it simulates a mouse click and move, I highly doubt it.
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GreyHead 64
January 15 2020, 10:48 #390733
Hi Daniel,
I have no relevant experience but from a quick look at the Topaz docs there appears to be a Browser plugin that might do what you need????
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