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field from another database when

alexatr , December 29 2019, 15:28
alexatr 14
December 29 2019, 15:28 #390509
I want to copy the content of a field in another database into a formfield when another formfield matches.
When the email-address in the other database also exist than the content auf startnumber field should be inserted in the formfield startnumber
The read data in the form action works well to find out if there exist the same email-address in the other database but how can i transfer the content from the external startnumber-field into my actual form?
healyhatman 9
December 29 2019, 23:36 #390511
Set the value of the field to {var:read_data_action_name.model.fieldname} and reload the field when the email field is changed. One of the demo forms should help you further.
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alexatr 14
December 31 2019, 08:44 #390520
thanks again for your help. I didnt know how to solve the reload after changing the email field but i solved it with to pages - on the first only the email and than on the second side the others with the filled content if the email was found.