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Display Data by Foreign Key

har7801 , December 14 2019, 15:53
har7801 160
December 14 2019, 15:53 #390361
So I am building a login page for members to register their availability. Can get so far that they can log it and it will do all Im after except this last step. I want the Names column in the table to display the names logged against it for that day. The day and date are in one DB with a unique key, the names registered are in another DB but get logged with the same unique key as the day they belong to. I ts a simply matching relationship, just dont know what Im doing.
Got to the point, I have two models loaded in a single DB read, pointing to the correct DBs. Im just missing a small thing Im sure of it. Debug below.
The name field it appearing, just not populating any data.
I can get it to display one name, but its only one, some have a dozen against the day.
Is this a limit of the table column?
I can enter the data and it will throw up a heap of names but not filtered if I view a table within the column from the same DB read.
This is when one name gets up instead of all the names for that day. I have a group for the days to keep it showing only one result for the day, else it puts out one day with one name and so on. Not what Im after.
har7801 160
December 15 2019, 03:29 #390368
So Im getting close, I can display all the records recorded in each row, but it display All records in all rows. So Im guessing I need a where clause. So I can filter each list by the Event Column. Both the names and the event share a common random key (av_random) or I can have the names recorded with the same result as the event name, eg: Sunday, Monday. I can go either way. (av_name).
Loading into a table called (av_events).
Column called in to the table (Article.av_event)
DB Read (read_av)
Event and Name shared key both called (av_random)
Am I on the right path.
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