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V4 to V6 Update

K2Joom , December 13 2019, 11:38
K2Joom 34
December 13 2019, 11:38 #390344
Hey Crew.

OK, so a testament to CF, I have been running V4 for years without issue, until recent Joomla update 3.9.13.
Basically, our forms create a PDF (Calibration Certificate) and always worked faultlelsyy, now we are getting:

/* K2 - Magnific Popup Overrides */ .mfp-iframe-holder
{padding:10px;} .mfp-iframe-holder .mfp-content
{max-width:100%;width:100%;height:100%;} .mfp-iframe-scaler
iframe {background:#fff;padding:10px;box-sizing:border-box;b
Injected into the PDF as text and despite even disabling K2, it still appears, so I thought I would ask about the impact of updating V4 to V6.
Been trying to find some information on what the impact would be, can we do a straight update .
Is there any information available?

Any help would be much appreciated.

GreyHead 64
December 14 2019, 10:25 #390357
Hi Simon,
What you are seeing is a snippet of CSS from the Magnific Popup code - I have no idea why it would appear in your PDF :-(
You can upgrade to CFv6 but there is no easy route, Most of the time a re-build is required to get your form working smoothly.
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K2Joom 34
December 17 2019, 10:37 #390393
Hey Bob,
Thanks for the reply.
IF, anyone else experiences issues , then I have a fix.
Edit this file plugins/system/k2.php add after line 391 the following to disable the K2 system plugin when on Chromoforms pages:
if (JRequest::getCmd('option') == 'com_chronoforms') {
[div]NOTE: If there are any K2 modules on the page , then they will no longer work, but it does fix the issue in the pdf.

healyhatman 8
December 17 2019, 13:12 #390398
Just be aware that fix will probably need to be reapplied when you update K2.
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K2Joom 34
December 17 2019, 13:30 #390401
Yes. Agreed.
Its a temporary work around only.