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Custom message not shown with Ajax submit (module)

jj135 , December 09 2019, 12:53
jj135 507
December 09 2019, 12:53 #390275
We have a contact form in a module position. We have set the submit method to 'Ajax'. We have to actions on submit: Custom code HTML ('thank you' text) and E-mail send. On submit we do get the email, but the form stays visible and the custom HTML code is not shown. It looks like this is 'blocking' the Ajax reload? When we use a message action in stead of a custom code HTML it works fine. We could just leave it at that, but I think this should also work with custom code? Or am I wrong?
healyhatman 9
December 10 2019, 09:25 #390286
Any console errors?
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jj135 507
December 10 2019, 09:43 #390287
It's seems it is working OK now... Yesterday we replaced the custom HTML code with a message. To see any console errors we put the custom code back and removed the message action. And now it does work OK. So I guess this was some kind of caching issue. CMS of browser. Anyway, since we can not reproduces this anymore this issue is solved. Thanks ;-)