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Changes on my database dont affect to ReadData action in CFv6

Kronosites , December 06 2019, 18:25
Kronosites 77
December 06 2019, 18:25 #390257
I have working in a form using "read data" and "save data" actions.
All works perfect.
Now, I have added some columns to my data base, and I've added this fields into list fields in read data, but even the form works without errors, the new fields doesn't appear in the debug of read_data action.
When this happened in CFv5, I always solved using "clear caché" in CFv5 menú.
Now, in CFv6, I've use the same button ("clear cache") and now debug is showing OK the fields, but the form is not saving all the data in my database.
This is my save action:
Could you help me please?