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WCAG Compliant - Accessibility

jmtmay , December 02 2019, 21:36
jmtmay 6
December 02 2019, 21:36 #390207
We are working on making our website WCAG Compliant and are running it through a few accessibility testers. They are saying that the label in this field is orphaned. I think it basically needs the for="" How can I add it on the first label?
<div class="multifield grouped fields"><label>What is the best way to contact you?</label> <input type="hidden" name="what_is_the_best_way_to_contact_you" value="" data-ghost="1"> <div class="field"><div class="ui checkbox radio"><input name="what_is_the_best_way_to_contact_you" id="what_is_the_best_way_to_contact_you_1" type="radio" value="email" tabindex="0" class="hidden"> <label for="what_is_the_best_way_to_contact_you_1">Email</label></div></div><div class="field"><div class="ui checkbox radio"><input name="what_is_the_best_way_to_contact_you" id="what_is_the_best_way_to_contact_you_2" type="radio" value="phone" tabindex="0" class="hidden"> <label for="what_is_the_best_way_to_contact_you_2">Phone</label></div></div></div>

The tester is also telling me that this group of radio buttons is not enclosed in a fieldset.

Can you help me fix those items?

The form shows when you click the Management Quote link about halfway down this page -
healyhatman 9
December 03 2019, 09:48 #390211
You can put the radio buttons inside a fieldset area. As to the for="" I don't think there's a way to do that, you'd have to edit the CF files to do it, or send the dev a request using the contact link above.
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GreyHead 64
December 03 2019, 10:10 #390214
Hi jmtmay,
Not ideal but you can leave out the ghost value; or add the for= using JavaScript; or remove the label as there is no use for one on a hidden input.
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