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what are the good settings for text answers (for database records)

flodariege , December 01 2019, 16:14
flodariege 49
December 01 2019, 16:14 #390197
When I backup my records, the CSV file contains strange stuffs like :
instead of:
instead of
Also, it seems that when people hit the return button inside the text box , it generates unwanted new lines inside the table of records, like this :
I'm pretty sure it is just my fault and I should have chose something different but :
what thing? where? which parameter?which settings?
Also it seems the text are cut when too long (the text is complete when sent by email after the person has hit submit, the problem is only in the database).
Thank you for your help
GreyHead 64
December 02 2019, 11:16 #390201
Hi Flo,
Please check the coding of the database columns (see here) - and their type VARCHAR(256) for example will cut the text at 265 characters - TEXT will allow longer entries.
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healyhatman 8
December 03 2019, 09:55 #390213
You need to change your database field to have a longer value.
The missing characters are a character encoding thing you need to tell whatever you're using to open it to use the correct formatting
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