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Problem hashing

rafaelscouto , November 29 2019, 14:25
rafaelscouto 176
November 29 2019, 14:25 #390175
I'm using the chronoconectivity (save user) function, in the password field I pass the hash {var: hash_password} function.

In the save event, I call this function {fn: hash_password} and (save user) as well.

So far everything is going well, the hash is generated and saved in the database, but trying to access gives invalid password.

How to solve it?


The field name is (Item.cpf), I'm using a mask on it, but before submitting I remove the mask leaving only the numbers.

I saw that if you do not hash, the password is written to the database normally, for example: 123456. That way the login works normally, but when I use hash_password the hash is generated but I can't login.
My hash_password
$password = $this->data["cpf"];
$pass = JUserHelper::hashPassword($password);
return $pass;
healyhatman 8
December 01 2019, 03:51 #390192
The save user action hashes the password already
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rafaelscouto 176
December 01 2019, 19:32 #390198
Ohh God


Thanks, I didn't atten at this