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Two CCv6 modules coexist error

2D77rus , November 22 2019, 17:54
2D77rus 48
November 22 2019, 17:54 #390081
Hello, I have a page with two modules, both loaded with custom HTML, {chronoconnectivity6}conn1{/chronoconnectivity6} and conn2 respectively. First one has an AJAX form, second doesn't have any form. When I Submit form, page reloads and both modules display same content from second module.
AFAIU this happens because of hard-coded "G2-joomla" identifiers, which both modules have.
This error can be easily reproducible:
- create "custom HTML" module with contents:
- create two connections, at least one with AJAX form;
- submit that form.
Latest versions of CC and cegcore2.
Any ideas how to avoid this behavior? Help is very appreciated...