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Datalog-Table field uid error

BeHoh , November 19 2019, 11:36
BeHoh 2
November 19 2019, 11:36 #390047
I want to log my field-entries from a form.
For doing this, I use a "save data". The database table is "..._datalog"
The first recordset my form creates has an empty uid-entry.
After that no more entries will be inserted, because auf duplicate uid entry.
How can I solve this? I created a "Special field" uid - increment - 1 but nothing is written to the table.
I then changed the index from unique to index of the uid-field. So it works, but maybe that´s not the correct way ;-)
healyhatman 9
November 20 2019, 12:34 #390059
What's a uid? Why not just have the primary key auto-increment?
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BeHoh 2
November 20 2019, 12:55 #390062
It´s a field in the table "XXX_chronoengine_forms6_datalog" where the values of the form are stored ... in uid is nothing inserted ...
Auto increment in the "database"-action doesn´t write anything in the uid field