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load different forms with radio button

gonzo6969 , November 18 2019, 12:27
gonzo6969 3
November 18 2019, 12:27 #390025
How can I preload/load different forms when I change the value of a radio box. I tried the solution of healyhatman ( but I stuck at the begin. I could not find the action "reload" in the event tab of the radio box. Please could you help me.
Another solution could be a multipage form but without a submit button. The container must switch with the value change of the radio box. But here I can't find a solution either.
Many thanks for your help.
GreyHead 64
November 19 2019, 11:38 #390048
Hi Richard,
You can call a JavaScript function from the Radio box events tab and use that to submit your form - see here
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