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Lists/Table Lists data corrupted on save after edit

skittle , October 02 2019, 12:44
skittle 133
October 02 2019, 12:44 #389384
I have been trying to add a List Table to a Chronoform (v6.1.4 Administrator). My List Table is getting data from a PHP file that produces an array of data based on some complex MySQL queries. After adding the data source and some columns to my List Table I press the Save button and the form is saved successfully. The List Table displays and functions correctly in my Chronoform!
However, when I edit the form and save it, the List Table becomes corrupted. In other words, the List Table is created correctly the first time it is saved. Once saved successfully, any future save of the Chronoform will corrupt the existing List Table. Once the List Table is corrupted it no longer appears in the Chronoform on the front end of the system and it appears with errors in the Administrative Chronoform editor/builder. Editing the corrupted List Table is not possible. The only solution is to delete the damaged List Table from the form and create a new List Table. Of course, any future edits to the Chronoform will break the List Table so building a complete form using the List Table feature is essentially impossible.
The List Table would be a great addition to the Chronoform capabilities but this issue needs to be resolved before it can be used.
Thanks for looking into this.
skittle 133
October 26 2019, 15:32 #389748
Important Clarification - This bug only happens when using custom PHP code to build the data set that is used in the List Table. If a Read Data action is used to get the data for the List Table everything works as expected. Interestingly, the List Table does read the PHP built data set correctly the first time but becomes corrupted when saved after an edit (even with no changes made).
admin 28
December 06 2019, 18:43 #390260
Hi John,
I'm not sure how you use the List Table with a PHP file, please explain this!
Best regards
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