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remove Link in Filter not work

Fredolino , September 16 2019, 09:46
Fredolino 620
September 16 2019, 09:46 #389206

I used a remove link for a filter:
Name: remove_button
Content: <i class="icon-remove"></i>
URL: index.php/mein-bereich?conn=beobachtungsliste&event=view
In the frontend is in the browser:
If I click the remove_button, then I always come to the index page.
What is the problem?
healyhatman 9
September 16 2019, 12:16 #389208
Well what does your view event look like
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Fredolino 620
September 16 2019, 16:18 #389209
:-) solved
the name of the remove-button must have another name.