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Redirect after CSV download

grantdigital , September 12 2019, 00:20
grantdigital 51
September 12 2019, 00:20 #389174
Is possible to get the page to redirect after the download of the CSV?
I have a form to select a date range for CSV export and after the download dialog box appears it the page is just sitting ther with the spinning icon.
GreyHead 64
September 12 2019, 07:23 #389175
Hi grantdigital,
Normally ChronoForms loses control after a File Download is run. The workaround I usually use is to show a 'Thank You' message with a download link in it.
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healyhatman 8
September 12 2019, 21:40 #389181
Put the download action in a separate event, and display a link to that event. Also, put some custom JS on your "thankyou" page with
jQuery(document).ready(function() { window.location("{url:event_name}"); });
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