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First Matching Record (Check) | All Matching Records -No Display

designsedge , August 13 2019, 23:35
designsedge 63
August 13 2019, 23:35 #388833
The Function works, it returns the correct data, and when I sort descending by ID, I either get the first, or last entry in the table.
Issue is, if I enable All Matching Records (with or without pagination)
The table returns an empty set.
Any help apprecited.
admin 28
August 22 2019, 04:54 #388947
Then your table data provider is wrong, what is your table setup ?
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designsedge 63
August 22 2019, 22:10 #388958
table is correct
all matching
paging: enabled : 10 : offset (empty)
where conditions = NONE
order field = id / DESC
healyhatman 8
August 26 2019, 11:54 #388985
What does your debug look like
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