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Complete email validation possible in popup form?

jjspelman , August 02 2019, 15:58
jjspelman 187
August 02 2019, 15:58 #388609
HI, I am looking for a solution that will allow me to create a popup contact form with just 4 fields - one of which is email. Once submitted the form needs to validate the emails. Not just the format and not just a DNS check, but an actual validation to weed out spam submissions. Wee must verify that it is an actual email address.
The form also needs to ban any emails from any free email provider like gmail, yahoo, etc. I have a list of nearly 200 providers to ban.
Moreover, there needs to be a downloadable PDF emailed or link once the form is submitted.
Is this possible with ChronoForms? I am willing to pay for custom work if necessary. But if I do, it needs to be forward compatible so any future updates to ChronoForms will not overwrite anything.
healyhatman 9
August 04 2019, 10:10 #388640
You really seriously want to ban the number one email provider in the world? That even some businesses use? Good luck with that.
For email validation you need to store a code in the database and send it in a link to their email. I sell a backup demo form on my website, link is in my signature.
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