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Multi Partition and Radio Group Validation Issue

hooman , July 26 2019, 01:03
hooman 8
July 26 2019, 01:03 #388409
I have a multi-partition form with below structure:
Partition 1:
Please select your course: (Radio Group Selection - Required)
Please select course duration: (Radio Group - Required)
Partition 2:
Course Options (this will be changed based on the course selection from the Partition 1)
Partition 3:
There are two issues with the form and I'd be grateful if someone can shed some light on it.
Issue 1: Although I have set the partitions as sequnetial, user can go through the partitions without filling Partition 1
Issue 2: To replicate this problem please follow below steps:
1- Load the page and select Course 1 from the first radio group
2- Change your selection from Course 1 to any other options (i.e Course 3)
You will see that the form will get validated and you will see the validation errors on the next question as well as all other questions on other partitions.
Link to the form:
Username: hooman
Password: 1p1staff
hooman 8
July 31 2019, 01:45 #388537
Any idea about this issue??
healyhatman 8
July 31 2019, 04:03 #388538
I think this one's a bug and you'll have to wait for the dev.
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hooman 8
August 06 2019, 23:59 #388691
Thank you healyhatman for checking it.
It's really appreciated if one of the devs can shed some light on this.
I'm kind of stuck in the middle of a project and have no idea how to fix this issue.
hooman 8
August 13 2019, 06:48 #388826
It's really disappointing that none of the developers bothered to answer!!
GreyHead 64
August 19 2019, 08:25 #388905
Hi Holman,
There is only one developer, Max, you can ask him for help using the Contact menu above and linking to this thread.
ChronoForms technical support
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hooman 8
August 19 2019, 23:56 #388933
Hi Bob,
Thanks for the advice. I will ask Max about it and I hope he can shed some light on it.