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Google ReCaptcha

earthwatch , May 10 2019, 08:48
earthwatch 23
May 10 2019, 08:48 #386725
Hi, I am having an issue with my Google recaptcha, it all works fine if you click the recaptcha box but if you do not you get the following error and its submits anyway:
My Setup is as below:
healyhatman 9
May 10 2019, 22:10 #386747
Yes of course, because you put a loop event in the Fail condition instead of an Event Load
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admin 29
May 11 2019, 13:09 #386771
Users using the new 6.1 should not use the "Check" actions but enable the "Check security fields" setting instead, it will handle the check automatically if the fields are setup correctly!
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