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convert date

Fredolino , May 09 2019, 18:04
Fredolino 620
May 09 2019, 18:04 #386699

In the demo example, I tried the date stored in the database in the format:
to convert into the date: 09.05.2019
Under "Views" in "articles_list" in the "Colums list":
"Article.datum:Datum" will be displayed to me "2019-05-09"
In the field "Columns views" I wanted to convert the date:
"Article.datum": {date: Y-m-d $ (var: d.m.Y)}
Does not work.
Where do I have to convert the date?
healyhatman 9
May 09 2019, 21:58 #386704
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Fredolino 620
May 10 2019, 08:27 #386722
Yes it works!

{Var: articles_list.row.Article.datum}
must be in "Views" under "article_view_link" in the field "Content"
to be exchanged with:
{Date: d.m.Y $ (var: articles_list.row.Article.datum)}