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custom field with php code not executing after upgrade to 6.0.10

ataylor14 , May 09 2019, 14:49
ataylor14 156
May 09 2019, 14:49 #386695
I just upgraded and I see the following:
1) icons of class "icon write blue edit_link" do not show (this is a bit strange but not critical)
2) (this is more important) All the custom elements in a view that contain PHP code when opening the form the PHP code just appears on the form as the code as if the PHP tags do not get recognised and the code between does not execute.
What can be the issue? These worked well in the prev version of chronoconnectivity. Other things seem to work fine
Thank you
ataylor14 156
May 09 2019, 15:09 #386696
After reading a bit lower down another issue posted sorry for this
I see that the custom field does not allow PHP code. Although this def. was working in my prev version of chronoconnectivity
So I sorted that out using a php function
healyhatman 9
May 09 2019, 22:02 #386705
Custom Code blocks do allow PHP code, unless you're meaning something different
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