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@import in CUSTOM CSS doesn't works anymore on 6.1.1

morphinestyle , May 08 2019, 17:38
morphinestyle 28
May 08 2019, 17:38 #386656
This string seems not working anymore after 6.1.1 update...
Our forms are "centralized" with an unique CSS but it doesn't load anymore the style after the 6.1.1 Chronoforms update.
We can't update Chronoforms on all our websites because we will lose all settings.
morphinestyle 28
May 08 2019, 17:51 #386657
In this moment i see at the same time:
- version 6.1.1 as LATEST VERSION on
- but i see 6.1.2 on Joomla update...
So, maybe doesn't works after 6.1.2 version?
healyhatman 9
May 09 2019, 02:40 #386659
The blog isn't always updated. 6.1.2 is the newest.
w3schools says @import has to be at the top of the document, I doubt that would be the case. Can you just import it normally with <linkrel="stylesheet"type="text/css"href="mystyle.css"> ?
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morphinestyle 28
May 09 2019, 07:10 #386663
Yes healyhatman,
but it was working perfectly... and what sense to load another css, with specific forms rules, to the full website?
And more: to "move" a full functionant form from-to other websites you need only to Export the form, and just re-Import it elsewhere without code/update any website for CSS loading.
admin 28
May 11 2019, 21:05 #386791
I tried this here and the @import line is added to the page source code, how does it work for you ?
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Did you try the new ChronoForms7 ? if yes then please send us your comments!!
morphinestyle 28
May 17 2019, 09:05 #386920
Great! Now it works again!
Thank you!
morphinestyle 28
September 23 2019, 15:00 #389282
@import url("..."); No working anymore
morphinestyle 28
September 23 2019, 15:21 #389283
Solved with an HTML MODULE with <link rel="stylesheet" href="...">, but with a CSS module with @import it doesn't works anymore.