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Fredolino , May 06 2019, 18:24
Fredolino 472
May 06 2019, 18:24 #386583
I test the demo "Dynamic actions" in CC6. In the preview view, I see the column "Publish".
If I click on the publish / unpublish button, then no publish / unpublish button is visible.
I first have to refresh the page with the demo form in the browser. After that I will again see the publish / unpublish button.
What do I have to change on the form?
healyhatman 7
May 06 2019, 22:08 #386594
There is a check_publish_result switch that uses {var:publish_article} in the data source. But because of changes to the data returned by save data actions, you should change it to
and change the values setup to
Save data actions now return either a copy of the newly saved data, or nothing. So if it's empty, it hasn't saved.
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Fredolino 472
May 07 2019, 09:18 #386610
Wow Super! Thank you very much! :-)