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Submit Payment to Paypal via Form

LikeStuff , April 16 2019, 23:05
LikeStuff 308
April 16 2019, 23:05 #386056
Is it possible to have the user enter an amount in a field and make the payment via Paypal? Below is the setup of the form.

Do I use "PayPal IPN" or "PayPal Redirect"?
Where do I put the one I need to use?

Thank you in advance!
healyhatman 8
April 17 2019, 00:52 #386058
Absolutely. You need the PayPal Redirect action. The IPN goes in a different event and is if you want PayPal to update your site on the status of the payment. There's a PayPal demo form if you want to have a look at it.
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LikeStuff 308
November 06 2019, 19:23 #389903
If I buy the "Classic Subscription" does it come with the PayPal Redirect action or do I have to buy both separately?

LikeStuff 308
November 07 2019, 16:35 #389918
I'd like to purchase this ASAP but would like to know the above. Thanks!
GreyHead 64
November 10 2019, 12:17 #389943
Hi LikeStuff,
I believe the subscription now includes all the core add-ins that used to be sold separately.
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LikeStuff 308
November 18 2019, 21:15 #390032
OK. Thank you!