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Form not showing

JWE , March 04 2019, 07:38
JWE 34
March 04 2019, 07:38 #384385
Hi there,
I purchased a validation and created a form but it's not showing on the front end or when i click view form?
Any idea what is happening?
Thanks in advance!
JWE 34
March 04 2019, 07:54 #384386
It's ok - I worked it all out!
goodfella1978 1
May 30 2019, 16:00 #387159
Could you share how you fixed it please? I have the very same issue
admin 27
June 02 2019, 21:48 #387216
Maybe a template CSS, you better use v6 anyway!
Best regards
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GreyHead 64
June 04 2019, 11:23 #387253
Hi goodfella,
Check the CSS on the page where the form should display. The most common explanation I have seen is that there is CSS designed to hide the ChronoEngine tag in an older free version - in a later version that will hide the form instead.
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