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how to use Action URL and/or parameters

samir1903 , February 24 2019, 15:58
samir1903 182
February 24 2019, 15:58 #384150
this is new for me how can use this in chronoforms v6
samir1903 182
February 24 2019, 16:17 #384151
i got it thanks
coughlin 108
August 12 2019, 16:04 #388822
What is the answer?
GreyHead 64
August 19 2019, 08:16 #388903
Hi Coughlan,
The URL parameters are all added to the form data: you can see what is there by temporarily adding a Debugger action to the form Load event. See the short-codes FAQ for the syntax to use the values.
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