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php and event switcher does not work properly

samir1903 , February 23 at 14:27
samir1903 166
February 23 at 14:27 #384122
this new version bugs bugs and bugs
$app =& JFactory::getApplication();
$db =& JFactory::getDBO();
$query = "
FROM `os5pk_chronoforms_data_xxxx`
WHERE `no_DI` = '{$this->data['no_DI']}' or `correo` = '{$this->data['correo']}';
$count = $db->loadResult();
if ( $count > 0 ) {
return 'registered_ID';
} else {
return 'look_codigo';
event swither data provider
registered_ID and look_codigo
this php return in debug always look codigo
i wanted to upload images here but i think there is a bug in forum as well i couldnt upload
admin 27.0
February 23 at 15:51 #384126
Hi samir,
Please test with the new update ?
Also you can modify your code to do a quick test, use this:
to check the count value directly!
Best regards
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samir1903 166
February 23 at 17:58 #384130
right new version looks better
before ,it returned 0 therefore event switcher worked correct
however problem was in php

it appearded "and parameter" instead of "or parameter", even i am sure i put "or", this where i copied and pasted to the forum.
now changed and to or, it returned 1
so bug is gone