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How do I reset my form after my Read Data is displayed?

snelson , February 10 at 23:40
snelson 5
February 10 at 23:40 #383793
I have a simple little form where the user enters a 9-digit account number in a Text field, clicks a Send button and Read Data returns a dollar amount that is displayed by found/not found/fail Message function. It works fine, but after the dollar amount is displayed the user is left staring at the displayed dollar amount with no navigational controls other than the Joomla menus.
I'd like to put a Reset button below the found/not found/fail Message display to allow the user refresh the form back to its original state where they can re-enter the account number. But, I cannot figure out how to place a button after the found/not found/fail Message is displayed.
healyhatman 6.1
February 11 at 00:05 #383794
You can just put an "event loader" action in at the end of your submit event set to the load event, and it will reload the form with your message displayed on top.
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snelson 5
February 11 at 00:53 #383796
That worked even better than my button idea!