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CF6 - Form in Joomla Article failed the security image Check

matrix , February 08 2019, 14:28
matrix 89
February 08 2019, 14:28 #383724
I have a Joomla Installation (3.9.2) and chronoform 6 (installed:
All working fine. When i made a Joomla-Menu-Point - directly on a Form, the Form will work fine. When i use this same Form in a Article with {chronoforms6}...{/chronoforms6} plugin-function, the formular will presented ok. but, when i sent the form, the security image give a message, that the false image is marked.
conclusion: my forms will not work in a Joomla-article.
whant can i do?
healyhatman 8
February 08 2019, 22:08 #383741
Use recaptcha instead
Make sure that you don't have multiple forms showing up on the one page
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matrix 89
February 08 2019, 22:37 #383745
Thank you - but i have found the problem. The plugin was not installed. why always???
Now it work's.