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clear form without clear session

emrahsevgi , February 03 2019, 23:13
emrahsevgi 34
February 03 2019, 23:13 #383572
I am using 3 form in connectivity 6 which are nested each other. When I want to use same form again, It filled by before inputed datas. I am using {fn:save_to_session}. I know that {session/clear:save_to_session} code. But it is not suitable for me. Because if I use {session/clear:save_to_session} then I can not pass a data to other table.
How can I clear all of form fields without use {session/clear:save_to_session} ?
Thank you
healyhatman 8
February 04 2019, 00:17 #383573
Use a button, type "reset"
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