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how to translate

corentin , January 16 2019, 14:29
corentin 14
January 16 2019, 14:29 #382893
I created a forum for my website using ChronoForums2, it's great but I would to translate some words in french for users
I used the "languages manager" to translate those words but it doesn't work, i guess i'm doing it wrong
How does it works ?
Best regards,
Corentin, a french ChronoForums2 user
healyhatman 7
January 16 2019, 21:50 #382903
If it's anything like CF and CC, you put {l:identifier} in place of the word you want translated. That's a lower-case L
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corentin 14
January 17 2019, 15:18 #382950
Not working either,
anyway some words will stay in English it shouldn't be a problem,
On the contrary the forum is showing the English time and it's -1 hour than in France, that's a problem!
How can I change that ?