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Sending data via "Dynamic AJAX features" can only be done once

webbusteruk , December 13 2018, 10:00
webbusteruk 116
December 13 2018, 10:00 #382216
Not sure if there is a way around this? Easily replicable using one of the demo forms:
  1. Create a demo form with "Dynamic actions"
  2. Preview the connection. It should display a list of articles.
  3. Find a row with published article.
  4. Click on the task button under Publish column. (Unpublish the article)
  5. Click on the task button again. (Publish the article)
  6. Refresh the connection. The article will be shown as unpublished (only the first action is recorded).
If you disable AJAX you can see the issue. When the data is sent the first time, it contains the parameter containing the article_id. Clicking the second time, the data sent does not have the article_id parameter. >>> I realised this is actually due to disabling AJAX itself, not what's causing the above.
Edit: The edit_metadesc in the same form seems to work however. Changing the metadesc and submitting more than once results in successful data save.
webbusteruk 116
December 13 2018, 11:01 #382223
Found what's wrong, the "publish" task button was missing {data:article_id} in its URL parameters.