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? template problem

hangbill , December 06 2018
hangbill 135
December 06 2018 #382034
Just bought the forum.
Please see pic, what's going on with the Post, Edit and blank window under the breadcrumb.
Need help please.
healyhatman 4.4
December 06 2018 #382035
Right click on the offending element, "Inspect", and it should have a list of CSS rules applying to it. Should help narrow down which rule is doing it then you can edit your CSS template and add :not(.ui) to the selector.
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You can now copy+paste code from forums
hangbill 135
December 07 2018 #382044
Thanks for this. Will try it.
hangbill 135
December 11 2018 #382162
I removed it, using CSS.
#ttr_content .modal {
Is this correct? How does one know whether it should be solved with CSS or some other code.
For eg is it possible that this solution breaks some other functionality that is not yet apparent ?