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open form in popup modal and then close window on submit throws component not found error

Minnie Mouse , November 29 at 18:51
Minnie Mouse
Hi, I am opening a modal (using a yootheme pro button--but that shouldnt be an issue). the modal display a menu link to a form. the form displays. I have an event on the submit button to hide the .uk-modal box. The form submits the following:
Component not found.
and a link to the home page.
when I test the form not in the modal it works just fine. I am guessing this is a routing issue when pulling up a page in the modal? is there something I can do to make this work?
Right click your modal form, click inspect, and look at the "action" tag for the form.
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Minnie Mouse
i got the form to work by making the url it opened the full url not the relative url. now just trying to figure out how to get them modal box to close. Thanks for the help.