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HELP - Error 500

har7801 135
November 14 2018 #381513
Site was working, then just out of the blue with no changes or anything, it just started producing the HTTP ERROR 500 for all Connectivity and Forms pages.
The full error is:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function G2\L\mb_convert_encoding() in/home/loftusrf/public_html/libraries/cegcore2/libs/str.phpon line127
The backend of Forms and Connectivity is working ok, within the admin environment, but I am unable to look at the form that I have created from either the frontend or backend.
Any help please. Pretty much our entire site runs on this.
Joomla: 3.9.0
Connectivity: 6.0.7
I keep getting an update notification for Connectivity 6.0.8 and keep installing it and getting a successful notification but it keeps coming up over and over.
healyhatman 5.7
November 14 2018 #381518
Check your PHP settings with your host and make sure mbstring is enabled.
The update bug is known - it is updated, but there was a problem with the version number so it thinks the update is still available.
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har7801 135
November 14 2018 #381520
Called the hosting company, don't know what happened but the mbstring had just turned itself off, just all by itself, couldn't be any other explanation. Anyway that has fixed the issue and all is right with the world again.