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Sort buttons or scrolling sort

seppo , November 09 at 19:30
This behaviour is in both Design and Setup -tabs:
If I drag some Section or Event, I can drag only within visible area. So I have a problem with sorting, if i.e. some event is so long, that it fills most of the current screen. Currently I need to zoom out so that I can see top of that Event, to be able to drag an event from bottom to top of it. If the event is a bit longer, I need to zoom out so much that it becoms difficult to spot the yellow arrows.
If the page would scroll while I drag the element to top of bottom of the area, then I would just need to wait until the scroll is at point when I can release the sorted item again, it would be OK. Or, if there was a button "move up" or "move down", this also would be done with. So a my suggestion is to add either one to future versions.
Also it would be good if there was a possibility to rename the Event or Section after it has been created.
Small things, but hopefully also small to add at some point
You can minimise many elements in the design / setup tabs. But yes dragging elements can get a bit hard and it would be nice to have a move up / down button pair. However, dragging to the bottom of the screen SHOULD scroll the screen. Does it for me.
As to renaming events, for now you can go to your #_chronoengine_forms6 table and under the events tab it's just a JSON string so rename the bit you need.
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