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Chronoforms6: how to generate unique classes for rows in Grid Area in a Repeater Area

Erik66 , November 07 2018
Erik66 64
November 07 2018 #381349
Futher to my previous post ( I am curious as to how to add a unique class or ID to rows in the output of a list of records from a database table. I am using the Repeater Area with a Grid Area to show the individual rows with data. In the rows, the individual fields are assigned an ID that contains the row number with this code:
However, if I add this same code to the Grid Area "Class", the result is always '1' so this can not be used to assign unique numbers to the rows in the Grid Area.

What code can be used, and where (Grid Ares, Fields,etc.) to add unique classes or ID's to rows in a Grid Area?

Many thanks in advance,
healyhatman 5.6
November 07 2018 #381360
Why would you assign it to the class, and not to the id / name of the field?
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Erik66 64
November 07 2018 #381363
I'm happy with whatever works. As long as I can assign styling on .individual rows and/or fields